So what do y’all do anyways?

We’re a health podcast run by two brown women. Veline is your loud, dorky host, creator, and co-producer. Stepfanie is the badass co-producer, and the one who really puts it all together. We find dope healers and creators in our community, interview them about their practices, and share it all with you. We try to explore the relationship between “conventional” health and ancestral or “non-conventional” health practices. Health shouldn’t be exclusive, pretentious or scary so we’re trying to challenge all that noise con un poco de sabor!

A note from our host, Veline

The women in my life are warriors that give selflessly every day. As women of color we always hold it down and lead the path, yet our health and well-being are often prioritized last. I see the effects of all this in my own life and family. It manifests in cancer, thyroid problems, diabetes, depression, exhaustion, anxiety etc. I’m not a doctor and only a pretend bruja, so I wanted to create something within my power, to support our joy, health, and well-being.  I hope this podcast creates another space for us to keep surviving, thriving and spreading our magic.



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